Monthly Archives: May 2015

Do you have sensitive skin??

      This topic is of a growing and annoying skincare concern for many! Especially for women! So what is it?┬áSimply put it is when your skins naturally protection barrier becomes impaired making you more intolerant to product usage and environmental conditions!┬áSigns and Symptoms can include: redness, itchiness, tightness, broken capillaries, blotchy, excessive dryness […]

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What is Dermalogica Faceapping?

I get asked this question frequently in regards to Dermalogica Facemapping procedure. So what is Face Mapping??? Put simply, it is where a fully trained Dermalogica Skin Therapist conducts a unique skin analysis to provide an insight into your skin type and any existing skin conditions or concerns you may have. It allows the subsequent […]

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