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We recently jumped on the bandwagon and headed off to train with the Beauty School Ireland in the craze that is ‘HD Brows’. We are so glad that we did! Here in the salon we only invest in training and treatments that we know our customers will love, so training with HD Brows was a no brainer for us for many reasons. The most obvious being that:

1- Brows are BIG Business! Having perfectly shaped brows can really frame the face and make you look more done and ready to face the world without even trying!

2- HD Brows is the best known Brow treatment that the Beauty Industry has to offer!


So without further ado, below is a list of frequently asked questions answered for you to gain more knowledge and insight into HD Brows as a treatment.

What are Hd Brows? HD Brow’s is a custom shaping treatment that focuses on creating a bespoke design for each individual client.

What steps are involved in the treatment? It involves a number of treatment techniques to deliver the perfect brow. These include the following: 

Consultation- Your Brow stylist will talk you through what style of brow you like and what you hope to achieve from the treatment while offering you expert advice on realistic expectations and helping you decide on things like shape, colour & overall look.

Tinting- HD Brows is all about custom blending of HD Brows signature tints to achieve a colour that suits your hair colour, complexion and individual style preference.

Trimming, Waxing, tweezing & Threading- Your Brow stylist will use a combination of these techniques to ensure your perfect Brow is achieved and that not a hair is left out of place!                                                                              

Finishing Products & Aftercare- You will at this point be shown your fabulous Brow’s and your Brow Stylist will discuss things with you such as when you should book for your next treatment, areas that could potentially need to be worked on (if you are out on a Brow regrowth programme) & then your Stylist will choose HD Brow finishing makeup products and show you how to fill in your Brows at home to maintain your new look!

How often will I need the treatment done and are HD Brows permanent? Depending on your hair growth and how well your hair naturally holds colour your Brow Stylist will recommend for you to return anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks time. It would be important not to undo the hard work of your stylist and avoid tweezing your little strays in between appointments. The custom tint is semi-permanent and will eventually fade, so it will need to be done upon every subsequent visit. The Brow makeup/finishing products are of course temporary but are available to purchase. Your Stylist will show you how to fill in your brows during the treatment. This step is invaluable for those who like to fill out their brows with daily makeup application or may wish to fill them out for a special occasion or a night out.

Will I achieve the ‘perfect’ HD Brow look straight away? Some people do achieve their desired look instantly, while with others it may take a couple of visits. For those with sparse or over plucked brows, your stylist may recommend a regrowth programme to help you achieve your desired look.

Who will carry out my treatment? Some salons may use the term ‘HD Brows’ on their treatment menu, but a legit HD Brow treatment can only be carried out by a trained Brow Stylist. Don’t be afraid to ask and see their certificates!

How Long will the treatment take and how much does it cost? The treatment can take between 45mins to 1 hour and costs €35. It can be booked here through our website, on our phone app, our social media pages or by calling Vanity Beauty Room’s on 091-795682

*PLEASE NOTE- A patch test is required 48hours prior to any HD Brow treatments can be carried out at Vanity Beauty Room’s.