Vanity Beauty Rooms

We are very excited to bring ASAP skincare to Vanity Beauty Rooms Oranmore.

Our Skincare Treatment Menu has expanded at Vanity Beauty Room’s. We now offer ‘ASAP’ Products and Skincare treatments! My aim for the salon has always been focused around skincare, delivering beautiful skin treatments with unrivaled results. Any brand that I was to take on would have to sit nicely along with all the other brands that we currently offer here at the salon. After lots of research and trialing the products ASAP was a no brainer. They product range is fabulous and the skincare treatments simply divine! Most importantly, they really work!

A little background on the brand

ASAP stands for Australian Skin Active Products. It is a cosmeceutical skincare range (cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with bioactive ingredients purported to have medical benefits) Originating from Australia, the brand was developed by Cosmetic Chemist Carley Dowdle.

Australia is known to have the highest levels of skin cancer in the world, so ASAP wanted to create a skincare brand that provided high quality simple, effective and affordable cosmeceutical skincare for men and women to help prevent and to protect the skin from Australia’s harsh climate.

Active ingredients, including AHAs, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and antioxidants give ASAP users younger, fresher and healthier looking skin by boosting cell renewal and protecting the skin from external aggressors such a climate and pollution which can break down our precious collagen and elastin and also SPF to shield the skin from daylights harmful rays.

The range is cruelty free and contains no parabens, mineral oil, SLS/SLES, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, plastic microbeads or animal derivatives and are cruelty free.

Microplus+ & Sonophoresis

We were very excited to unbox this beautiful piece of equipment when it arrived to the salon! We were like kids on Christmas morning, because we know the unbelievable results that this machine is going to bring to our clients on their skincare journey! This machine is exclusive to us here in the west of Ireland!

What is MicroPlus+ Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion deeply cleans, exfoliates and polishes the skin, encouraging collagen production and new skin cell growth.

How does it work and how will it benefit my skin? Combining a gentle vacuuming system and diamond tip, Microdermabrasion helps remove dead skin cells and unclogs pores revealing a smoother, more radiant skin.

What is Microplus+ Sonophoresis? MicroPlus+ Sonophoresis is a highly effective, relaxing and non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasonic (soundwave) technology that has been clinically proven to increase the penetration of active ingredients by up to 800%.

How many treatments are required? Your skin will look radiant and rejuvenated after just one treatment. To enjoy the maximum benefits a course of six treatments, two-four week intervals is recommended.

Book in today with us at Vanity Beauty Rooms for a ‘Skin Consultation’ and your ASAP Skincare Professional. We will recommend the most suitable treatment program for your skin.

Make sure to check out the treatment menu for an exclusive list of all of the ASAP treatments we have to offer!