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Attractive girl doing massage on white backgroundMany of us are good at taking care of our face, but often times we neglect our bodies! Sometimes our bodies crave and desperately need a little bit of tender loving care, and this is where our Body Treatment’s come in! We have lots of different body treatments on our menu. Choose from an extensive list of massages or why not treat yourself to a Purifying Back treatment or a Body Scrub.

Massages have many health benefits and can help you to distress and leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed! They are a great way to relieve tiered aching and fatigued muscles along with the added benefit of increasing blood circulation. All our massage treatments are delivered by a skillful therapist with the intentions of our customers to take time out of their busy schedules and treat themselves.

With massage options such as Hot Stone, Swedish Full Body, Back Massage and Indian Head Massage, Why not speak to one of our therapists to arrange customised experience to suit your individual needs!


Our Pricelist

We are currently re-configuring our brochure due to new treatments that are coming to the salon in 2019!
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