Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir (Tinted)


Vita Liberata Heavenly Tanning Elixir Tinted is a luxurious cocoa-scented hydrating self-tan for face & body. Formulated with natural ingredients, this tan is ultra-nourishing and will leave you with a gorgeous golden glow that will fade evenly over 10 days.

It locks in moisture and penetrates the skin deeply to develop the most natural-looking tan in 8 hours. This technology continues to slowly release DHA, enhancing your tan result for up to 72 hours after application. This Tinted Tanning Elixir is created with the most innovative technology and advanced ingredients, including botanicals, to hydrate and give your skin a natural sun-kissed look that fades evenly over 10 days.

How to use: Prior to tanning, ensure skin is clean and exfoliated, do not apply any moisturiser. Using a tanning mitt, massage the elixir into the skin in long circular movements. Use sparingly on hands, feet, knees and elbows. Leave on skin for 8 hours before showering, or longer for a darker result. Rinse and pat dry. Your medium, natural tan will continue to slowly develop for up to 72 hours after application.

Key Ingredients:
Organic Coffee Butter: promotes sustained moisture retention.
Organic Ginkgo Biloba: for powerful antioxidant properties.
Organic Aloe: ultra-hydrating for the most nourished skin.

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