Vanity Beauty Rooms


Vanity Beauty Rooms is a small local business, where looking after our clients Skincare and Beauty needs is of top priority. When you book an appointment with us, this time slot is reserved for you and we guarantee that during your appointment you will be well looked after by our team of highly skilled Beauty Therapists.

Your Booking will be confirmed via text message &/or email prior to your booking date to your supplied number & email address.

We understand that life can sometimes throw curve balls and that there may be times when you are delayed or unable to attend your scheduled appointment. We will always aim to accommodate our clients as best we can. Please see our Salon policies below so that we can ensure our salon and our team’s day can run smoothly and efficiently.


Please be advised that we do require 24 Hours notice to cancel your appointment or you may incur a 50% charge of the cost of your service.


When you book your appointment online, you will pay a booking deposit. This amount varies depending on the treatment that you book. If you cancel before the 24hr period you will be refunded this deposit, any time after that your deposit is lost. When paying for your treatment the deposit you paid will be deducted off the price of your treatments.


Please arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. We observe a grace period of 10 minutes but after that if time does not allow, we will not be able to perform the service. We will try our best to accommodate but the treatment may have to be rescheduled or cut short.


Patch tests are put in place for your safety. Patch testing is required for all new clients for services such as Waxing, Tinting, HD Brows, Yumi Lashes and some Skin Treatments. We require you to pop into the salon for a skin/patch test prior to any of these treatments. This must be done at least 48hours before your appointment and it is your responsibility. Attending your appointment without a patch test will result in us being unable to carry out your treatment and you will incur a 100% charge for the treatment booked. If you have not had your patch test we will not be able to carry out treatment as we are not covered by our insurance policy.


There are certain questions you may be required to answer prior to your appointment with us. These questions are asked for relevance and safety to your treatment process. Forms will need to be filled out and answered correctly to allow us to give you the best possible treatment and for you to get the most out of your treatment with us.


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, you can come and speak to a senior member of staff. We will always endeavor to do our best to resolve the issue.

By booking an appointment in Vanity Beauty Room’s, you are agreeing to and understand the policies that we have in place.

We thank you for your understanding!