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This topic is of a growing and annoying skincare concern for many! Especially for women!
So what is it? Simply put it is when your skins naturally protection barrier becomes impaired making you more intolerant to product usage and environmental conditions! Signs and Symptoms can include: redness, itchiness, tightness, broken capillaries, blotchy, excessive dryness or tightness. Skin can be Sensitive (a genetic trait) or sensitized (can be brought on by many lifestyle factors such as climate, pollution, diet, stress, illness, colds to name a few)
How can I help my sensitive skin?
The good news is that it can be treated! It is all about finding a balance and what works for you as an individual. The main thing is to make sure and keep your skins natural barrier protected so this means ensuring that you wear a high level of SPF every day!
Other things to try include:
-Try to avoid high levels of stress and get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of fluids (if you find drinking water difficult EAT it, There are many fruits and veg out there that contain a high level of water content)!
-NEVER use excessively hot water on your skin and avoid rubbing too much at your skin!
-Some people find avoiding excessive levels of caffeine and spicy food can help
-Most importantly treasure the skin you have and look after it with CORRECTLY PRESCRIBED products to suit you! watch the product ingredient list!!
At Vanity Beauty Room’s we carry the Dermalogica Ultra Calming Range. These products are free from Artificial colours, fragrances, S.D Alcohol. Mineral oil, Lanolin and PABA all of which are known to contribute to sensitivity. Dermalogica Ultra calming range has an ‘exclusive’ proprietary soothing blend of active botanical extracts within their product line clinically proven to reduce inflammation, irritation and redness to name a few! These ingredients are oat kernel extract, ginger and red hogweed extract!
I hope this may help people to make a clearer understanding on skin sensitivity. For you FREE facemapping consultation or advice on the Ultracalming range pop in to Vanity Beauty Room’s Oranmore!