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A Vita Liberata Professional Spray Tan offers a natural-looking, odourless tan result that replicates a natural suntan. The world’s first non-toxic and organic spray tan, free from parabens, perfume and alcohol. With certified organic ingredients that nourish and condition skin for a self tanning skincare treatment. Vita Liberata spray tans provides an instant bronzing color while your tan develops over 6 – 8 hours.  This tan comes in 3 colours Hawaii(light), Ecuador(Medium) and Brazil(Dark). These 3 colours can look different on any skin type depending on the colour of your skin.

Vita Liberata Professional Spray Tan has all these unique factors:

  • Odour Remove™ Technololgy for Zero Smell
  • Moisture Locking System for 72 Hour Hydration
  • Dries in Moments
  • Perfect Fade
  • Certified Organic Botanicals

How to prep for a Professional Spray Tan:

24hrs before-

  • Shower & exfoliate
  • Hair removal (waxing, shaving or epilation)
  • Avoid moisturizing

On the day-

  • Do not apply Makeup
  • No deodorant or perfume
  • Dont use body oils/lotions

After your Professional Spray Tan:

Immediately after-

  • Do not use Makeup
  • Do not apply any skincare products
  • Avoid activities that make you perspire

After your tan has developed (At least 6-8 hrs)

  • Shower with warm water
  • Use a shower gel containing no essential oils
  • Pat the skin dry
  • Do not shave, wax or epilate for 24hrs
  • Moisturise twice daily to ensure the tan has a perfect fade

We stock some retail products in the salon to make it easier to keep up your spray tan at home or if your going away holidays. The new Fabulous collection of self tanning tinted lotions are our favourite! Spray Tans are €25!

We also have the AMAZING Body Blur instant HD skin finish lotion. This product last for 24hrs and is perfect for covering up any blemishes. Body Blur can be used to smooth skin and give a HD ready finish on the limbs. It’s a perfect body skin finish that can be used on the face alone ,as a makeup prep or mixed in with your foundation. Comes in a 100ml tube so you will have no problem bringing it on your holidays and retails at €37.50

Gigi Hadid looks amazing with the BodyBlur Instant HD Skin Finish for this Sports Illustrated Swimwear ad.


Pop into Vanity Beauty Rooms, Oranmore today for the perfect spray tan(€25) for all occasions. Vita Liberata is extremely popular with all of our lovely brides prepping for their big day. It makes for a perfect wedding day glow.