Catriona Geaghan

Salon Proprietor and Head Therapist
Vanity Beauty Rooms Beauty Salon Oranmore GalwayI qualified from Georgina Price College of Beauty Therapy in 2007 and started working within the industry immediately which is when my passion and drive of opening my own salon started. I can honestly say that I feel very fortunate to have chosen Beauty as my career choice.
I love all aspects of the beauty industry but have a real passion for all things skin related. I chose Dermalogica skincare for my salon as I really believe in them as a skincare brand. I have worked very hard with Dermalogica attending many skincare classes to advance my overall knowledge. I recently completed Dermalogicas expert programme and received my ‘Dermalogica Expert’ certificate, which is Dermalogicas way of rewarding your work and knowledge and recognising your professional skills in using their products and carrying out their skincare and body treatments. It may not seem like much to some, but I can honestly say that I am very proud to have achieved ‘Dermalogica Expert Status’ not only for me but for my business as a whole! It was a lot of trekking up and down to Dublin, but the end results were very well worth it and I feel I gained so much knowledge on the products and skin in general.
I work very hard to keep up to date with the Beauty Industry and work all of the time to come up with ideas on how to grow the success of Vanity Beauty Rooms in order to provide clients with the very best that there is in the Beauty world today! It is an industry that is constantly evolving so I try not to jump on the bandwagon and take on treatments/products unless I believe in them and stand behind them 100%. Research in my book is key! My main aim is to provide each and every client with an extremely professional treatment that is affordable to you, and carried out in clean, comfortable and relaxing surroundings, greeting you in the beautiful village of Oranmore for many more years to come.


Senior Therapist
Vanity Beauty Rooms beauty salon Oranmore GalwayThe fabulous Rachel joined Vanity Beauty Room’s six months after it opened and is a friendly and familiar face to many of our clients. Rachel also qualified from Georgina Price College of Beauty Therapy. She is a real gem and her flair for the Beauty Industry never goes unnoticed by the clients. She is a complete makeup junkie and loves all things makeup related! She loves nothing more than carrying out makeup applications in the salon and has developed a strong clientele for this treatment! Her natural flair for makeup means that her clients are at complete ease in her capable hands and are always delighted with the outcome when they leave.
Rachel is very keen to constantly up skill and has completed many additional training courses since starting out Vanity Beauty Room’s, such as Yumi lashes and threading. She is very driven to provide her clients with the upmost of professionalism and a perfect treatment each and every time you visit her.