Importance of Patch Testing

It is extremely important to have a patch test and a consultation done before any tinting/waxing and Yumi lash treatments. This allows the therapist to select the suitable products for the type of treatment intended to ensure that the client does not have any allergic reaction during the treatment process..
At Vanity Beauty Rooms we have a high standard of salon procedures and requirements to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our clients, which is why patching testing is a must have at the salon.
We encourage clients to come for a patch test at least 48 hours before their scheduled treatment. Clients will only need to be patched tested once which takes a couple of minutes to complete. If no reaction occurs within the 48 hour window, tinting/waxing/yumi lash treatments can be carried out when you desire.

At the start of your first treatment with us a consultation form will be filled out, dated and signed. It is up to the client from that date forward to notify their therapist should any information on the consultation form change from date of first signature.
please note- when booking online, please ensure to pop into us for a patch test.

Spray Tan

Spray tan turns out best when your skin is in tip top condition. We recommend regular exfoliation and daily moisturising in order for your skin to look its best when wearing tan.

Prior to tan application please make sure you have no body products or deodorant on the skin on the day of tanning. Make sure to have all hair removal done at least 24hours prior to applying tan

We recommend that you wear loose dark clothing and bring flip flops


Pre Waxing Advice- It is best if you come for your waxing appointment with clean dry skin free of any body lotion or products to ensure you get the very best from your waxing treatment. We also advise that you wear comfortable non restricted clothing.

Aftercare advice- Please avoid any of the following 24hours after waxing

  • Hot showers/baths
  • Sauna/Steam room
  • Swimming
  • UV exposure
  • Excessive perspiration (from excersize etc)
  • Friction or rubbing
  • Tight clothing
  • Fake tan/ body lotions or moisturisers

Your waxing experience will be tailored to suit your needs and will be decided upon with your therapist. Lycon offer both hot and warm wax options. Your therapist will also recommend how long to leave it before booking your next waxing appointment.

Our Pricelist

We are currently re-configuring our brochure due to new treatments that are coming to the salon in 2019!
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