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We get asked lots of question’s here in the salon when it comes to waxing , so we have decided to bust some of the myths for you..
Myth #1: Waxing will make your hair grow back thicker and darker

Fact: This is one of the biggest misconceptions about waxing, which keeps a lot of women away from it. You need to understand that an adult woman already has all the hair she’s ever going to have. Most people find that with regular waxing the hair comes back finer or more sparse over time.

Myth #2: Waxing can cause wrinkles

Fact: We get a lot of people asking about this especially for eyebrows. While the skin does get pulled at the time of waxing, it doesn’t get pulled or stretched to the extent that results in it becoming loose or getting wrinkled.
Myth #3: Waxing will be an excruciatingly painful experience.
Fact: The hair is being pulled out, and it can be uncomfortable. Many people find it less uncomfortable than some other methods that remove the hair. It depends on where it’s being removed, who is doing it and the type of wax being used. Your Therapist will aim to make it as pain free as possible!
Myth #4: You should never get waxed on your time of the month.
Fact: We probably wouldn’t recommend to go so far as a Hollywood wax or Brazilian wax on your time of the month, if at all possible, as you may be a little more sensitive at this time, leading to the process being more uncomfortable than at other times during the month.

Myth #5: The longer the hair, the better.

Fact: Generally, the hair should be at least a ½cm long. If it’s too short it will have a hard time being grasped. But if it’s too long there are other challenges including more missed or broken hair, pain and ingrown hairs.

At Vanity Beauty Room’s Oranmore, We use the prestigious and well known brand ‘Lycon’ for all waxing appointments. We believe that your waxing appointment should be clinical, speedy and as pain free as possible. Lycon wax is made from all natural ingredients such as resins, beeswax and aromatherapy oils. Lycon offer both hot wax and strip wax systems and can remove hairs as short as 1mm so there is no down time in between appointments! Because of the variation of Lycon waxes stocked in the salon, we are able to tailor waxing appointments to suit the needs of our clients.

(Please note: patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid any kind of irritation or adverse reaction)