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So why should we exfoliate and what bemefits will it have for our skin?
Here is the answer:
Exfoliation helps to rid the body of any dry, dull skin by removing it from the surface. The reason why we exfoliate with products such as scrubs or even salon treatments is to help the body’s natural exfoliation process! Your face and body shed dead skin cells at an alarmingly fast rate! By exfoliating we speed up the skins renewal process allowing smoother healthier skin cells to take their place thus making way for brighter younger healthier looking skin!
There are many benefits of exfoliating:
-It can help prevent acne breakouts
-Your skin will feel cleaner and more refreshed
-For those that use fake tan products it will allow the tan to go nice and even (There is nothing worse than the dreaded patchy tan!)
-It helps to even out skin tone and skin discoloration
– Your other beauty products such as moisturisers and masks can penetrate deeper and better giving you better results
-You will age more gracefully
We should aim to exfoliate twice weekly! There are also lots of Dermalogica salon treatments available too!
So there you have it! I Hope this helps and don’t forget that at Vanity Beauty Room’s we stock a range of different types of exfoliators both for face and body!